Lilly Marie Bake Shop Menu

Welcome to my bake shop! Here you can select the perfect sweet and delicious bakery item for your special event or just because you want something sweet! Here’s how you order. Select one of the baked goodies below which will take you to that specific page to view prices and options such as flavorings or types of decorating. Then contact me by email at, calling me at 330-284-3925 or visiting my Facebook page, and sending me a private message. I am very flexible with how you want your order because, after all, I bake for you! If you don’t see a specific sweet treat or you want something different, I can do that! Contact me and we can discuss your order.

Need to ship? I can do that! I will preface that not all baked goods can be shipped. Ones that hold up to shipping are cookies, breads and most pies to name a few. Contact me discuss your shipping needs.

Thank you so much for visiting my bake shop! Your business is very much appreciated and I look forward to baking for you soon. 🍰