Specialty Bakery

I also offer specialty bakery items. Witches hats are made with an ice cream cone and filled with cake the decorated with a Halloween theme. $2.00 per witches hat. Minimum order 6. Cake pops with your choice of cake filling and decorated with melted chocolate. Themes available are a classic popsicle, bunny, ghost, snowman. $3.00 per cake pop. Minimum order 6. King Cakes embellished with traditional beads and Mardi Gras mask. $35.00 per cake. Chocolate spoons for stirring your hot cocoa or coffee. $2.00 per spoon. Minimum order 6. Cookie kits include 4 sugar cookie cut outs, 3 buttercream frosting bags and sprinkles. Each kit is $12.00. Panoramic Easter eggs. Although these are not for consumption, they are a lifetime treasure. Made purely with sugar and sugar Easter embellishments. $15.00 per egg.